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Mission & Values

Our Mission

Ascension Leadership Academy, as an integral part of the Presbyterian Home for Children, conducts itself in such a way as to nurture, direct and challenge all students to develop academically, socially, and spiritually to their maximum potential and to provide all students with the opportunity to become the fully functional persons whom God created them to be.

Our Vision

Through Ascension Leadership Academy, in conjunction with the services available at the Presbyterian Home for Children, students and their families will receive comprehensive services and quality educational opportunities that provide the skills, self-confidence, and discipline to make appropriate choices, in all aspects of their lives, and to instill the determination necessary to accomplish their goals: thereby, providing each student the opportunity for success.

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Our Beliefs

The education of all students is the primary focus of Ascension Leadership Academy.

Taking into consideration student exceptionalities and cultural diversity, we maintain high expectations for all students and believe that all students can learn.

Students are entitled to an education in a positive environment that is safe, nurturing, free from distractions, physically comfortable, and stimulating; therefore, conducive to learning.

Faculty and staff strive to assist students in realizing the relationship between curriculum and content and their lives beyond the classroom.

The curriculum is implemented to develop strong moral character, to instill self-respect, and to foster positive self-esteem, thereby producing students who will become responsible members of society.

Our girls self-confidence has doubled since attending Ascension Leadership Academy. Now they enjoy learning and the wonderful way the teachers have of showing each child how special they are.

Jackie Taylor

Grandmother of 2 Students