Dress as your favorite character encourages reading


Celebrating 100 Days/100 Years

Ascension Leadership Academy students turned the 100th day of school into a celebration by studying and celebrating 100 years backward and forward!  Students dressed in their idea of how they’d…
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Acting Workshop

The squirming group of children are gathered in a circle around the two leaders, waiting impatiently for their next instructions. For Motell Foster, a professional actor who lived at the…
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Fun Fridays

The students refer to them as Fun Fridays, but the teaching staff at Ascension Leadership Academy know they are much, much more. Every Friday, the students participate in an activity…
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Missoula Children’s Theatre

Ascension Leadership Academy students Damian, Nylah, Phaethon, Charity, and Sydney performed in the Missoula Children’s Theatre ‘s “Jack and the Beanstalk” at Talladega’s Ritz Theatre in October. The performance was…
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